At Fyma, we believe that pricing should be simple and clear. This is why we do not charge 'set-up fees' or 'project initiation fees' and we don't have hidden charges either. This way you can plan your budget allocation better.
We do offer volume discounts though. So, the more cameras you want to analyze your indoor or outdoor (or both!) environment, the cheaper it gets.

Want to detect something our current models don't offer? Not to worry, let us know and if it's something that will benefit other customers also, we'll build it free of charge and include it with your data bundle.

Fyma vs competitors

It's a little messy when it comes to understanding who else can provide such detailed and accurate data - and the wide array of companies and pricing satructures out there.

Beware of the companies selling an 'easy-to-install' sensor or camera - this always creates extra cost and work, as it usually needs cabling, a network connection and an onsite visit to work. Vendor lock-in is great for the hardware company, not so great for you - this is why Fyma works on any camera in the world and can be installed 100% remotely, so there is less electronic junk in our environment.

Dinosaurs still exist - there are companies using 'enumerators' manually counting saved video footage, costing as much as €25 000 per month per single camera.

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No setup fee
No hardware fee
No license fee

€200 / month
per camera

Door counter

€10 000 / year

Wifi tracker

€30 000 / year


€500 / year
Get started

3D camera

€2000 / device

AI camera

€100 000 / year

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from your existing video feed?

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