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Our data and insights help you unlock the full potential of your commercial real estate and retail portfolio. Gain a deeper understanding of market trends, identify areas of opportunity, and make informed decisions based on insights.

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You can gather accurate occupancy, movement trends, marketing insights and much more right from the start. This is because Fyma uses your existing cameras - nothing else - and gets you started right away with easy setup and flexible options.


Fyma helps improve the customer experience, maximize sales and revenue, and enhance operational efficiency for shopping center operators. Our retail solution provides real-time analytics and alerts, historical analysis, and can integrate with other retail systems for seamless operations.


Our mobility data solution is designed to provide comprehensive insights into transportation networks and patterns around your property. The platform collects and analyzes data on traffic volume, modal share, movement patterns and congestion - providing real-time updates and historical analysis.


Our parking solution utilizes computer vision technology to accurately and efficiently monitor parking spaces in real-time. The system can detect available spaces and guide drivers to them, reducing congestion and improving the overall parking experience.


Optimize spaces, improve experiences, and make informed decisions. Fyma automates human sight - something sensors are unable to do - to provide you with the power to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding your real estate portfolio and how it is being used .

Fyma's product is patented!

Fyma; Method and system for gathering information of an object moving in an area of interest


Aug. 15, 2023


US 11,727,580 B2


A method, system, and computer program for gathering information of an object moving in an area of interest by using AI-based video processing and analytics, object detection, and tracking moving objects from a video frame to frame. The system, method, and computer may be implemented as a platform including an analytics dashboard and a backend dashboard. The analytics dashboard enables via the UI to display to the user the camera feeds being monitored and analytics results from those feeds over a period of time. The backend dashboard allows the user to set up a camera feed themselves and post-process pre-captured video files using algorithms made available via the system that the user can pick and choose between.

Using the AI platform with our existing camera network means we get a real-time read on all of that intelligence…/-/ Having a real-time data feed on the movement of people and different modes of transport in the area is very important to us because we need to know what the user numbers are and what the user approaches are in and around the park all the time, because it's changing so rapidly.
Emma Frost / LLDC
Karen Burns
Co-Founder & CEO
Taavi Tammiste
Co-Founder & CTO

At Fyma, our journey began with a passion for harnessing the transformative power of computer vision AI and movement data in commercial real estate.

We believe in creating spaces that adapt to people's needs, bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds. Through our advanced technology, we uncover hidden insights, optimize spaces, and enhance human experiences.

We wanted to make AI usable, flexible and easy to integrate with, as well as remove the need to install lots of sensors (reducing end-of-life decommission costs), use proxy sources, guesswork and gut feeling when making decisions about the largest asset class in the world.

Fyma provides companies with the power to make informed, data-driven decisions and comprehensive insights into occupancy and asset management.

So far we have helped companies save on staffing costs, reduce customer wait times, help reduce their carbon footprint and save millions of dollars on new developments.

We’d love for you to give it a try.

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