Mobility data
Optimise road networks
Reduce congestion
Transportation planning

Obtain comprehensive insights into transportation networks and patterns around your estate. The system collects and analyses data on traffic volume, speed, and patterns, providing both real-time and historical analysis. Track the movements and trajectories of pedestrians, cyclists, or any other type of vehicle, providing valuable information for urban planning and development. Leverage this data to optimise road and access networks, improve public safety and reduce congestion. Explore The Ülemiste City case study.

Use case

Metroville, a bustling city, optimized transportation with Fyma's mobility data solution. Traffic congestion reduced by 9%, travel times decreased by 15%, and accidents dropped by 10%. Data-infused decisions improved road networks, signal timings, and public transportation. Fyma empowered Metroville's transportation planning, infrastructure development, and public safety.

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