About us

Fyma was set up from the drive to make AI accessible to everyone. We were tired of artificial intelligence and machine learning being portrayed as something only very high tech companies can use, with teams of data scientists and difficult-to-understand mechanisms behind the solutions. AI should be like an invisible assistant that makes your life better, but you hardly notice its presence - this is what we set out to achieve when starting Fyma.


Working with video streams came naturally once we realised how much obsolete IoT tech is being used to understand movement patterns of objects on the one hand and the millions of security cameras already in place around the world on the other. Nobody will ever be able to sit through all the billions of hours of video material being gathered, yet it provides invaluable insights about accessibility of spaces, safety issues, customer conversion rates, demographics.

Do magic

It is really something special when people realise how magically simple it is to set it all up, to really ‘see’ the AI working and get insights of what is really happening inside their spaces - and then start applying this knowledge in day-to-day operations.

Co-Founder & CEO

Karen Burns

Driven by her love of helping people and businesses, strategising on adoption of new technologies and building high-performing teams, Karen is responsible for the company’s day to day operations, development of its growing team and the management of Fyma’s international client base.

She is an alumna of University College London, of Queen Mary College and of BPP University, where she completed a Graduate Diploma in Law. After a brief stint in the Middle East working on the Star Wars and Fast and Furious franchises she moved back to her native Estonia and worked as Head of Business Development for a leading software development company, tripling the company’s annual revenue within two years. It was also where she met Taavi Tammiste, Fyma co-founder. A Business Development Director position followed with CGI Estonia, responsible for laying the foundations for country-wide innovations and product development.

Karen regularly speaks on strategy, business development and management topics at conferences and events, which have included Google Baltics, Nordic Testing Days, Telia and Latitude 59 among others. She is a highly passionate advocate for increasing inclusion of women in STEM and management positions.

Co-Founder & CTO

Taavi Tammiste

Taavi’s passion is finding actionable value from data using applied machine learning. He graduated with a Master’s degree in radio engineering from TalTech and immediately moved to working at telcos across the Nordics, getting his first taste in building AI-powered teams in 2013 and not looking back since - he had found his passion. Taavi’s main areas of expertise are machine learning and distributed computing mixed together with agile product development. He worked as the Head of Data Science for one of the leading agile software development companies in Estonia where he met Karen and jointly they moved on to found Fyma.

His responsibilities include driving the company’s technological vision and ensuring its technological resources are aligned with its business needs. Taavi also leads the company’s mission to create one of the most bleeding-edge computer vision teams in the region. Taavi was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019 and is a regular speaker at conferences and events on the topics of applied ML, AI and their applications in business.


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