With the rapid acceleration of the capabilities of technology, we’re able to record every moment and unpick it for business insights through video analytics. While CCTV has been around for decades, we no longer need to manually sift through hours of recordings to analyse human behaviour.

Data, and more importantly, how we use data should underpin business strategy. Video analytics helps us to do this. Video analytic solutions automate raw footage into essential information that removes the need to second guess.

Not only will this article define what is video analytics, but we will explore both the use cases and the benefits of it for a range of different industries and job roles.

definition of video analytics

What is intelligent video analytics?

Video analytics, also known as CCTV analytics, is a sophisticated process/technology that involves the automated analysis of video content to extract meaningful information and insights.

Its primary purpose is to enhance the efficiency of surveillance systems by automating the monitoring process, detecting anomalies, and alerting operators to potential security threats. However, it goes much further than just providing enhanced security.

Video analytics have the capability to identify and monitor objects, including individuals, vehicles, and various other items within the video feed.

Human behaviour is fascinating and can help us guide our decisions. For example, how do we know if our business strategies are working if we don’t want or engage with our clients, tenants, shoppers, or users? How do people respond to the advertisement you have in your shopping centre for a new vendor? Does that sign increase footfall in the vendor’s location? What is causing a sudden bottleneck in meeting a daily manufacturing target? Video analytics can provide this information for us before we even realise we need it.

Utilising advanced algorithms, AI and machine learning, businesses across various sectors can retrieve valuable data instantly that they can implement into their decisions to enhance customer experiences, improve tenant relationships, drive revenue, increase safety, and much more.

In simple terms, we can think of CCTV cameras as sensors; they don’t just record constant footage, giving you the option to watch it back if you feel the need to. Instead, they are active agents that play key roles in your business success, by investigating what is really going on in a space, and summarising key findings through intelligent automation.

How does video analytics work?

Using video analytics, we don’t need to sit through hours of footage, trying to keep our eyes peeled over countless encounters of people in one location. Video analytics operates through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyse and interpret video content. Descriptions are generated from both live and historic video content, known as metadata.

The process involves breaking down the visual data into discrete elements, such as objects, patterns, and movements. With the aid of machine learning, data is continually collected and analysed so the algorithms know what the norm is for your property.

It can detect seasonal trends, for example. This is why when it picks up on unusual behaviour, it can proactively alert you. As more scenarios take place, video analytics grows in accuracy, bespoke to your business and occupiers of your space.

You can use video analytics for real-time processing, where the system is set up to generate alerts for specific events as they occur. Additionally, you can analyse video content from the past, where advanced searches are conducted to pick apart the footage in a way that’s forensic. For example, analysing the flow of people to and from transport infrastructure, such as train stations, to observe patterns of use over time.

video analytics use cases

Use cases of video data analytics

While we do typically associate CCTV with security purposes, video analytics can be used for many more reasons that prove to be valuable for businesses across different industries:


In the retail sector, video analytics plays a pivotal role in optimising operations and enhancing customer experiences. By analysing footage, retailers can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, identifying popular product areas, and demographics of their shoppers, to optimise their shop layouts.

Additionally, it facilitates efficient queue management, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping environment by minimising wait times at checkout counters. No customer is waiting too long because video analytics software can detect long queues and alert another shop assistant to move to the till.

Proactive security and surveillance


In the realm of education, video analytics serves as a time-saving tool. A university campus can use it to uphold high security by monitoring entrances and common areas. It can also streamline administrative tasks by automating attendance tracking. This means the duration of the lesson is used for focus and learning rather than a register being read out.

Smart cities

Public spaces benefit from real-time crowd monitoring, optimising emergency response strategies and enhancing overall security. CCTV analytics with AI aids in environmental monitoring, allowing cities to respond proactively to factors such as air quality and waste management, contributing to a more sustainable urban environment that truly enriches the community.


Through the analysis of traffic patterns, cities and councils can fine-tune signal timings and identify congestion points, leading to improved overall traffic flow. Additionally, licence plate recognition through video analytics enhances toll-collection systems. This makes it much more simple to find a parking space when data is collected on parking behaviours, such as occupancy rates and peak usage time. This information feeds into apps for drivers so they can be directed to a free parking space.

benefits of video analytics

What are the benefits of video analytics?

Video analytics benefits tenants, businesses, drivers, shoppers, and more. Here’s what you can expect when you embrace this technological advancement:

Empowered decisions

Video analytics achieve accuracy and accuracy is essential to making the right decisions. We can learn so much from video footage including dwell times, demographics, and the trajectory of journeys. This information turns into actions you can implement that make a real difference.

Consistent efficiency

Lots of us have seen operator rooms in films and TV shows of CCTV playing on multiple screens at once. While humans are fully capable of detecting incidents and managing them, this relies on us not having too much work on our plates and being focused. Video analytics does the leg work for us, 24 hours a day. It won’t call in sick and also provides cost savings long-term.

Track your success

You have access to invaluable reports and metrics, offering a comprehensive understanding of key metrics in your space, not only helping you to make empowered decisions but also to see the results of them.

Enriched experiences for occupants

In retail and other sectors, CCTV analytics helps businesses understand customer preferences, enabling targeted marketing and personalised experiences that keep people coming back for more.

Enhanced security

Using video analytics, you can protect environments such as workplaces and public spaces by monitoring and identifying potential hazards or unsafe behaviours.

Final thoughts

The advent of video analytics signifies a huge shift in businesses taking advantage of technology for comprehensive insights and operational enhancements.

From optimising retail layouts to ensuring proactive security measures and streamlining educational processes, video analytics proves to be a dynamic and invaluable tool across diverse industries.

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