Four ways to advance your sustainability initiatives using Fyma

Cities and companies across the world are using data to understand the impact of their sustainability initiatives as ESG goals are taking a core priority. Climate-related analysis measured by carbon emissions, extreme weather events, or changes in temperature are hard to quantify on a hyperlocal level and in real-time. This gap in available data can make it challenging to understand the efficacy of local initiatives and maintain momentum to invest more in bold action designed to help meet national, climate goals.

Hyperlocal data that helps you understand which initiatives are effective in getting more residents to ditch their cars and use alternative modes of transportation is critical to measuring efficacy and using data to inform future investments. Here are four examples of how our clients use newly available data, unlocked by Fyma’s technology, to advance their sustainability agenda.

There are so many ways in which Fyma can work for you in not just understanding what is going on in your estate now, but also provide insights and action points on how to improve your campus or business district with the specific strategic goals you have in mind. We will truly help you achieve your ESG goals, provide insights and analytics and placemaking teams to be at your disposal, so you don’t have to muddle through the data, but already get insights and value for your business.

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