Fyma's retail solution optimizes store performance. Global Mall implemented it and saw a 20% sales increase, 15% higher customer satisfaction. Real-time analytics, historical analysis, and seamless integration drive revenue and efficiency. Data-driven decisions improved layouts, product placement, and marketing strategies.


Fyma’s retail solution provides valuable insights on customer behavior and preferences in physical retail spaces. The system tracks customer traffic, movement patterns, and demographics, allowing retailers and shopping centre operators to optimize store layouts, product placement, and marketing strategies. Our retail solution provides real-time analytics, historical analysis, and can integrate with other retail systems for seamless operation. Fyma improves the customer experience, maximizes sales and revenue, and enhances operational efficiency for retailers. Explore the Viru Keskus case study.

Optimise layout
Track success of marketing
Operational efficiency

Fyma provides companies with the power to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding their commercial real estate portfolios by analyzing the actual usage of office locations and mixed-use buildings as well as entire business parks by employees and visitors. By providing occupancy insights in real-time, your asset management decisions can be made based on factual data, rather than relying on guesswork, poor quality sensor data or surveys. Explore the “Tracking occupancy with Fyma” case study.

Optimise your space
Create the right tenant mix
Build, buy or lease

A multi-story office building faced challenges with floor utilization. By implementing data-driven occupancy analysis, an underutilized fifth floor was identified. Through space reallocation and engagement initiatives, the fifth floor's occupancy rate increased from 30% to 75%. This optimization led to a $1.2 million annual cost reduction by maximizing leased space and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Metroville, a bustling city, optimized transportation with Fyma's mobility data solution. Traffic congestion reduced by 9%, travel times decreased by 15%, and accidents dropped by 10%. Data-driven decisions improved road networks, signal timings, and public transportation. Fyma empowered Metroville's transportation planning, infrastructure development, and public safety.

Mobility data

Our mobility data solution is designed to provide comprehensive insights into transportation networks and patterns around your estate. The system collects and analyzes data on traffic volume, speed, and patterns, providing real-time updates and historical analysis. This data is used to optimize road and access networks, improve public safety, and reduce congestion. Our technology can also track the movements of pedestrians, cyclists, and all types of vehicles, providing valuable information for urban planning and development. Fyma’s mobility data solution offers valuable insights for transportation planning, infrastructure development, and public safety. Explore the Ülemiste City case study.

Optimise road networks
Reduce congestion
Transportation planning

Our parking solution utilizes computer vision technology to accurately and efficiently monitor parking spaces in real-time. The system can detect available spots and guide drivers to them, reducing congestion and improving the overall parking experience. The system can also provide detailed analytics and reporting on parking patterns, including occupancy rates and peak usage times, which can be used to optimize parking management and revenue generation. Our parking solution improves efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction, and maximizes the value of your parking assets. Explore how Fyma’s client optimised their parking asset - and saved $10M in the process.

Enhance parking
Detailed  data
Optimise revenue

ParkPlaza implemented Fyma's parking solution, reducing congestion and enhancing customer experience. 20% increase in space utilization, 30% shorter parking search times saved $2M over 1 year. Optimized parking management and improved revenue generation

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